Welcome, Acupuncture for Everyone is now Acupuncture for Everyone 2.0 -- in other words -- new and improved! In addition to community-style acupuncture ($20-40 sliding scale) and Chinese herbal medicine, our new location has a private treatment room, a kitchen which can serve as a small group meeting place and our acupuncture clinic easily converts to a classroom for larger groups.  

So now you can get affordable acupuncture in the community settingprivate acupuncture when needed, heal your emotions and spirit with Flower Essence Therapy, get energy healing via Reiki or join us for a class, event or club. We hope to include Therapeutic Massage on this list soon. *If you're a massage therapist with a license and insurance, please get in touch.

Join us for one of the many fascinating films and classes coming down the line. If you enjoy a good book or desire to explore health topics a little deeper, join our fiction and non-fiction book club. You don't have to read every book chosen. You are welcome to pick and choose. Come when the book interests you.

Our small but developing retail area carries Chinese herbal medicines along with select, carefully chosen health and body care products and eventually books for your convenience. 

Our new building is called "Feel Better Holistic Health Collective". Check out the collective's website here:


 Lynette is a gifted acupuncturist! She has helped me immensely during several periods of physical and emotional crisis. As a massage therapist it's nice to know I have someone I can go to. I refer clients to her all the time. If you've never tried acupuncture, try Lynette! You will be amazed by the powers of this medicine.

 ~ Shannon Dye, Boise

I wanted to take a minute to say hello and thank you. I haven’t been in for a while because ... I feel good! It’s not great for business, I know : ) But today I was thinking back to how I felt at this time last year - not so great - and I wanted to let you know what a huge impact acupuncture and you have had on my life. Now I’m sleeping at night, I have better energy, and my whole being feels more balanced. I’ll be in again for a tune up and because life happens. In the meantime I will continue to pass your name on to friends and strangers alike. Thanks for offering your skills to our community, I deeply appreciate it.

~ Danielle Thompson, Boise


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Tuesday - 3 to 7

Wednesday - 10:30  to 1:30 and 3 to 7

Thursday  - 3 to 7

Friday  - 10:30  to 1:30 and 3 to 7

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