Welcome to Acupuncture for Everyone, a community-style acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic. Community acupuncture treatments are offered on a $20-40 self-determined, sliding scale via cash or check. There is an additional $10 at your first visit. Pay what you can to come in as often as you need to get better. 

In addition to community acupuncture, Lynette & Davida also prescribe Chinese herbal medicines, perform tuina massage (a kind of physical therapy from China) and cupping as needed, as well as teach holistic life-style principles for optimum health. 

Lynette does NAET (an allergy elimination process), EFT / Tapping and Face Reading.

You can read more about all of these methods for healing using the menu bar above.

Our lovely healing center has a large community clinic, a private treatment room, and a kitchen which can serve as a small group meeting place. Our acupuncture clinic easily converts to a classroom for larger groups. So now you can get affordable acupuncture in the community settingprivate acupuncture when needed, heal your emotions and spirit with Lesley Sullivan's unique healing sessions, or join us for a class, event or club.

We're looking for like-minded, holistic practitioners to join us. If you know of one or are one, contact us via email or phone. 

We also have space rental for classes and other types of gatherings in line with a holistic, healthy world view. Contact us for more information. 

Community Acupuncture Appointment Start Times.

Plan 60 minutes for a first appointment and 35-40 minutes thereafter. 

Monday - 10 to 12:45 and 3 to 5:45

Tuesday - 8 to 1:40 and 3 to 5:45

Wednesday - 10 to 12:45 and 3 to 5:45

Tuesday - 8 to 1:40 and 3 to 5:45

Friday - 10 to 12:45 and 3 to 5:45

For EFT/tapping, NAET or Face Reading,  contact Lynette via phone or email. 

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