What is HB505/H0505? What is dry needling? Why should I care?

As my patients, you know how passionate I am about the wonders of acupuncture. Because of this I feel the need to let you know about something that's been happening all across the country and has now come to Idaho. It's not a good thing. 

I wish I had found out how far along it has gotten sooner, but I didn't as so now we are in a very short time crunch. 

There is a bill up for review by the Health & Welfare Committee right now. It will be voted on this Monday. (That was referring to February 19th, 2018)

The bill is called H0505 and, if passed to the House and voted into law, would allow physical therapists to practice dry needling in Idaho. 

Dry needling is acupuncture though dry needlers are trying to rename it. It has existed for thousands of years in China and was written about in one of our seminal texts, the Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, which was written in the first century!

Dry needlers receive very little training. In same cases, 8-20 hours; 25-50 in others. This training may or may not include supervised needling practice. These weekend trainings are unaccredited, unregulated and require no continuing education after completion. 

This is counter to all other medical training including that of physical therapy itself. 

In contrast, to be licensed as an acupuncturist, we complete 2,000-4,000 hours of education, 660-870 of which is supervised needling. We are required to complete continuing education every year for license renewal.

Most importantly, in our accredited programs we are taught how NOT TO PUNCTURE a LUNG, the BRAIN, the SPINAL CORD and all your vital organs and how NOT to cause nerve damage. 

In my 18 years of needling (21 if you count my years in school), I have never heard of an acupuncturist puncturing a lung or the spinal cord, not even causing nerve damage. 

Yet, there are several case of such injuries by dry needlers on this website. Click on the red states on the home page for cases that occurred in that state: https://www.acupuncturesafety.org

Dry needling is dangerous. Dry needling has no place in Idaho.

We already have three certification options for someone wishing to use acupuncture needles on patients. These options keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Please take a moment to email and/or call the Health & Welfare Committee. Tell them - you want them to OPPOSE HB505.

Here are two helpful PDFs you can download and attach to your email. Or just to educate yourself and your friends and family. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you are inspired to take action to protect your friends and family. Because you get acupuncture from me, you are already out of reach for this particular danger. 

With gratitude, Lynette


Previously I have listed here the contact information for the representatives on the House Health & Welfare Committee. I've removed them because that is irrelevant information now that this bill has passed the House. 

Dear Representative X, 

I am your constituent (or leave this out if you aren't) and I urge you strongly to VOTE NO on HB505. 

The Healthy & Welfare committee is convened to protect and serve the public's health & welfare! Dry needling is unsafe due to the lack of proper training and supervision currently the norm. 

There have already been many cases of injury caused by dry needlers. Please don't let that be your legacy here in Idaho. Protect Idahoans. Don't let us be harmed by improper training! Require the same standards as are already required for acupuncturists in Idaho. 

I've attached a PDF for further illumination. (if you have) or 

Here is a website that documents injures caused by dry needling. Please take a moment to educate yourself there.  www.acupuncturesafety.org

Sincerely and trusting in your protection, (or some such salutation)