Minus a brief hiatus in Southern California, Davida has practiced in Boise’s North-End since 2010. Her informative, personable, and holistic approach to Traditional Oriental Medicine has earned her a place in the hearts of her patients.

She has treated everything from insomnia to chronic pain to the negative effects of stress to fertility issues.

Davida first got interested in acupuncture s a child while  watching her mother get treatment. During college, she spent a year traveling throughout Asia and returned to synthesize her experiences into a thesis on access to traditional medicine around the globe. She went straight into school to study Traditional Oriental Medicine upon completing her under graduate degree. 

Davida's interest in the theoretical integration between Eastern and Western medicine continued to grow and she wrote her doctoral thesis on this subject. She particularly appreciates how the two paradigms can complement one another to benefit patients.

She has a passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal. She completed clinical fellowships at Cri Help Chemical Dependency Treatment Center Providing acupuncture and treatment specific to addiction and post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and the Los Angeles Free Clinic, where she initiated the Acupuncture and Herb Program.


"Providing community style acupuncture has long been a profession goal for me. I am absolutely delighted to join Lynette at Acupuncture for Everyone, providing the highest quality and affordable Acupuncture (& more) for the Boise community."

Davida is fluent in Spanish and grateful to offer her services to individuals who feel more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Here are her official credentials in case you're interested: