Heather's endless appreciation and passion for the beauty of nature along with an illness which rendered her bedridden led her on a quest for a deeper understanding of the meaning of True Health and Well-Being.  It is on this path she discovered the profound healing affects of Flower Essences and went on to become certified in this Healing Art. Heather has always had great respect for Nature's perfection and magnificence and it's role in establishing and maintaining perfect health.

As a Flower Essence Practitioner Heather uses both an intuitive connection to the natural world including all the Elementals and a working knowledge of the capacities of each Flower Essence.

Each Flower Essence session is Divinely guided.

"I just wanted to keep you updated with my journey. : ) I've been doing really good since we had our session. I felt the flower essences really well this time. You're right on how you got to let them in thank them for their power to get the full experience. I found myself having that sense of relief almost immediately. I don't know which ones you used but I'm feeling less bothered by the betrayal that happened. Not only that but I kinda had what I can only describe as a natural high since. I'm very thankful I went to see you and the tools you're helping me with to help myself ... Also I hope to have smoked my last cigarette. So far so good 😊😁."  

~ Scott, Boise


Flower Essences are flower infusions stabilized in brandy and water. These tinctures contain the essence of the flower and its healing properties. 

Mental and emotional and balances can weaken the physical tissues and invite illness and disease. Daily stress, chronic anxiety, imprints of past traumatic events, discouragement, hopelessness, unhealthy relationships ( to name a few ) are all complicit in health problems. The application of well researched flower essences can make dramatic changes both with illness recovery and in general health and well-being.  Addressing illness on a vibrational level can yield dramatic changes on the physical level as well as improving inner strength and a feeling of harmony and grounded-ness.

On an emotional level, Flower Essence Therapy helps you to feel more resourceful, less burdened by your circumstances and improved in your outlook on any situation. This change in attitude and easing of internal stress leads to alleviation of physical symptoms and helps to speed healing and improve outcomes.



Currently Heather has hours on Wednesdays and Fridays all day and possibly on other days by request.

Contact Heather here to inquire about her work or schedule an appointment. 

(207) 450-2077

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