Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has a very long history. Herbs are very rarely used individually. Sometimes a formula contains only two herbs, but most often there are several carefully chosen according to very specific protocols. Many of the formulas are hundreds (or a thousand) years old. Each herb in the formula has a role to play whether that is to powerfully transform your body, to strengthen the potency of another herb, to moderate an herb that has a harsh or very strong effect or to harmonize the whole formula. You can choose bulk raw herbs to cook at home, powders to mix with water and drink, powders encapsulated, or teapills (those little black pellets sized balls). Read more about Chinese herbal medicine here including Lynette's main & favorite source for Chinese herbs, what to expect from different formulas types and approximate costs involved in using herbal formulas for your healing.

You can pay for herbs with cash, check or cc/debit card. 

The price of an herbal formula depends on what herbs are in it. Some herbal substances are precious and rare. Others less so.

I get most of my Chinese formulas from a company called Mayway. I worked for them for 2 years as an herbal consultant so I know the company and their product very well. I have great respect for the three siblings who own and run it. Their parents were pioneers in cleaning up the Chinese herbal import market. The children have carried on that high standard. You can read more about that on their website.

Mayway continues to make traditional formulas in the traditional ways with proper, specific preparation methods that have been prescribed down the ages. Many of these formulas are hundreds of years old. They are tried and true. Yvonne and Eva make sure the correct species are used in accordance with the original source materials for each formula. 


Formulas for acute conditions are usually needed for only a short time: a few days to a week or two. Examples of acute conditions: colds, injuries, some types of headaches, PMS, menstrual cramps, a sudden rash. 

One bottle ranges from $8-16 and lasts 8 days if taken every day exactly as directed on the bottle.

However, you may only need to take it for a few days or a week or a week and a half or some "half bottle" length of time because you are only going to take it until symptoms resolve.  So you may end up with some left over. I recommend that you put a note on them with the date and telling you what condition they address and use them again (if needed) within 2 or 3 years. 


Formulas for chronic conditions and for rejuvenation usually need to be taken for many months. These are for things like hypertension, chronic digestive disorders, fertility challenges, adrenal fatigue, sleep difficulties, long-standing anxiety or depression or any chronic (ie: long-term) condition. Mayway offers many of these formulas in "Economy" sizes which give the equivalent of 5 bottles worth of pills for the price you would pay for 4 smaller bottles.

These 'Economy Size' bottles costs $32 - $44 and lasts five weeks if taken exactly as suggested on the bottle.

However, you may need to take more in the beginning so the length each bottle lasts varies depending on your situation. But roughly, they last about a month each.

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