Lesley is is a Certified Reiki Master, Teacher, Healer, Intuitive Empath, and Transpersonal Life Coach. She was professionally-trained in energy healing from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year accredited institution devoted to energy healing and transformation. In addition, Lesley trained with Patricia White Buffalo and a number of Peruvian Shamans to become a Shamanic Practitioner.

Lesley has travelled the world seeking knowledge and training from healer of all realms. She feels a special connection to Peru, where she studied with Shamans and received the Munay-Ki rites from the Q-ero Indians. Lesley uses her training and experiences from her own life to illuminate and pave the way for you. As a nature medium, Lesley enjoys working with clients in nature, opening the door to profound awakening and healing.

Lesley's goal is to help you see your true nature and clear the blocks that keep you stuck thus finding relief from chronic disease symptoms.

What will you find in there within? Self-doubt, stress, anxiety, depression? Control issues, feeling stuck & uninspired? Body shame, a lack of fulfilment, low self esteem? Resentment from a divorce? A deep sadness from the past?

Opening up so that you can remove these blocks is the key to a richer, fuller life and a happier more peaceful YOU. Then you can feel happy and inspired about life again!

Lesley helps  you transform your life through a powerful combination of:

  • Intuitive Transpersonal Coaching
  • Highly-charged “hands-on” Energy Healing
  • Providing you with powerful new transformational techniques
  • Helping you understand the root cause of your dis-ease



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"When we discover the big picture of who we are, everything begins to fall into place: our fears, self-doubt, and uncertainty dissolve. The feeling that something is missing in our lives fades, and we live with purpose, joy, and ease."

Call or email Lesley to learn more or schedule. Lesley is available for in person or long distance phone healing sessions. 

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