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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has a very long history. Herbs are very rarely used individually. Sometimes a formula contains only two herbs, but most often there are several carefully chosen according to very specific protocols. Many of the formulas are hundreds (or a thousand) years old. Each herb in the formula has a role to play whether that is to powerfully transform your body, to strengthen the potency of another herb, to moderate an herb that has a harsh or very strong effect or to harmonize the whole formula. You can choose bulk raw herbs to cook at home, powders to mix with water and drink, powders encapsulated, or teapills (those little black pellets sized balls). Read more about Chinese herbal medicine here including Lynette's main & favorite source for Chinese herbs, what to expect from different formulas types and approximate costs involved in using herbal formulas for your healing.


Also know as "EFT" & "TAPPING"

Emotional Freedom Technique was stumbled upon by a psychotherapist who was studying Chinese medicine theory on the side. It was further refined by a student of his and has now gone almost viral. It is a simple technique that assists you in releasing physical symptoms, emotional trials and traumas, and even mental 'stuckness' in the form of beliefs about yourself, your body and the world that cause you suffering. It's easy to learn and is a tool you can take with you every where since the only thing you need is one hand and the willingness to do it. Lynette does EFT/Tapping sessions with you. In the first session you will learn how to do it so you can continue to use it on your own. If you prefer, you can continue to work with Lynette when you are stuck or have a difficult situation that you feel uneasy about letting go of. 


Face Reading is the "sacred calligraphy of the soul" according to one of it's admirers. Your face reveals your inner blueprint: your gifts, challenges, tendencies and comfort zones. You can use it to better understand yourself, your loved ones, your boss or anyone you encounter. The color of your hair and your eyes, the shape of your noes, cheeks, jaw, chin and face all reveal how you tick. Come be validated for what you already know about your self and discover more. Bring pictures of friends, family and other important people in your world and gain valuable insight into what motivates them. Be better able to accept Who You Are and also Who They Are. Get a little more clear on the valuing of your own unique calling and purpose. 


Flower Essences are flower infusions stabilized in brandy and water. These tinctures contain the essence of the flower and its healing properties. 

Mental and emotional and balances can weaken the physical tissues and invite illness and disease. Daily stress, chronic anxiety, imprints of past traumatic events, discouragement, hopelessness, unhealthy relationships ( to name a few ) are all complicit in health problems. The application of well researched flower essences can make dramatic changes both with illness recovery and in general health and well-being.  Addressing illness on a vibrational level can yield dramatic changes on the physical level as well as improving inner strength and a feeling of harmony and grounded-ness.

On an emotional level, Flower Essence Therapy helps you to feel more resourceful, less burdened by your circumstances and improved in your outlook on any situation. This change in attitude and easing of internal stress leads to alleviation of physical symptoms and helps to speed healing and improve outcomes.


Intuitive Readings and Healings coming soon ...  


NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. This technique reduces or removes allergies and intolerances to nearly anything that triggers you. Many allergies and intolerances have an emotional or mental foundation. This process works for that, too. In fact, it's particularly good when the cause is emotional or mental rather than physical.


We're looking for a massage therapist! If you are one and would like to consider working here, please email us

The goal of a therapeutic massage is to achieve better health and healing through structural changes in the body.  There are a wide range of modalities with different benefits. While most modalities are relaxing, they each have different therapeutic benefits such as improving lymph and blood flow through Swedish massage, or relieving pain and restrictions through deep tissue or structural integration. Massage can provide your body with the tools it needs to heal itself naturally. Therapeutic massages can include portions of several different modalities based on the client’s needs.