Payments, Insurance and Receipts

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Payment for acupuncture is by CASH or CHECK. If you forget your wallet or didn't read this before your first visit, you can pay at your next visit.  

An acupuncture session is $20 - 40 self-determined, sliding scale per session. Pay what you can so that you can come in as often as you need to come to get better. In the beginning this will be more frequent. As time goes on, you will space your appointments out more. So in the beginning you might pay less per visit and then more later on when you're only coming once a month. And you might not, if you are on a fixed income and truly can only afford $20. 

A First Visit Fee of $10 is due at your first appointment in addition to what you decide to pay for the treatment itself. 

Private acupuncture appointments are $80 - $100/hour.

Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment Fee

For community acupuncture appointments the "Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment Fee" is $25 for missing or cancelling by choice with less that a 24 hour notice.

For private acupuncture the "Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment Fee" is $40 for missing or cancelling by choice with less that a 24 hour notice.

Notice the "Late cancellation / Missed appointment" policy says "by choice". Cancelling or no showing for circumstances beyond your control (an accident on your way here, a sick child that needs you - in other words, true emergencies) are always understandable. No late cancellation fee expected. Of course, you are always welcome to pay it in those circumstances if you are able. It helps keep things low cost for those who absolutely need it to be and shows appreciation for our time and services. 


If you need a receipt, please request one at the start of your visit and tell me the amount you are paying that day. I will email it to you.

If you need a bulk receipt for past appointments (for example, for your HSA account tax records), tell me the dates you want the receipt for and how much you paid at those visits. 

If your insurance provider covers acupuncture, please make your payments at each visit and let me know that you want a "superbill". I will prepare one for you after several visits that you can submit to them for reimbursement. 

If you still have questions about this, please email us here. 

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