Welcome, you're in for greater health than you ever thought possible. In some cases it will happen quickly. In others it will take time and many treatments. Sometimes it will take lifestyle changes. But don't worry, with regular acupuncture those changes can happen with more ease and grace. Cravings can be lessened. Depression lifted. Energy heightened. Sleep improved.

A couple of things to consider when scheduling your first visit:

  • Come 15 minutes early to complete your initial paperwork.
  • Try not to schedule your first visit in the first appointment spot of the day. If you do, just come on time, not early, as we may not be here much before start time.
  • Try not to schedule your first visit in the last appointment of the day or if you do, make sure to come early to fill out paper work.

When you come for your acupuncture sessions:

Wear loose clothing that can go above your knees and elbows. If possible wear clothing that helps your acupuncturist have access to your area of pain. For example, if you have issues with your shoulders, please wear a tank top, a button up shirt or a very, very loose shirt so that we can get to your shoulder. If you have upper back pain, where a button up shirt and put it on backwards before you lie down on the table, for example. If you have knee pain, wear loose fitting pants that come above your knee.

Don't come on an empty stomach. Even a few crackers or an energy bar is better than an empty stomach. Acupuncture moves energy in your body and that can make some people lightheaded. 

Don't exert yourself physically two hours before and two hours after your treatment. Examples of 'exerting yourself physically' :

  • working out at the gym
  • a long, exhausting hike, bike, run or swim (more than 30-45 minutes? or whatever is too much for you and exhausts you)
  • having sex
  • dancing that works up a sweat
  • and even yoga -- A vinyasa, restorative or yin yoga class at regular room temperature is probably just fine. Hot yoga is NOT good right before and right after acupuncture.

The idea here is that you don't want to sweat or exhaust yourself right before or right after acupuncture. Your vital energy (your Qi) is scattered by extreme exercise and lost when sweating. If you come to acupuncture at these times we will be recovering you from that experience thus not making as much progress on your main concerns.

Go to our location page for details on the location and parking tips.